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Global Directory of Coca Agencies, Researchers, and Products

Government Agencies Involved with Coca

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Researchers, Supporters, and Institutes Studying Coca



  • Leo Arreguin, partner at NorSur Consulting - Arreguin was former DEA director in Colombia, now offering consulting services, including to those involved with alternative uses of coca
  • Fernando Belauzaran, not an advocate of coca leaf, but leading efforts in Mexico's Congress to equally regulate marijuana and alcohol
  • Carlos Gustavo Cano, Minister of Agriculture, Colombia, 2002-2005, author of: Reinventing Alternative Development (2002)
  • CEDD - Research Consortium on Drugs and the Law, a group of researchers from eight countries across the Americas
  • Drugs Forum - online discussion group for all things coca
  • Milton Flores, leading advocate in Chile for legalizing marijuana and other historically used drug plants
  • Friends of the Coca Leaf - (Belgium) - EU group promoting coca leaf use
  • Ollanta Humala, President of Peru (2011-), at least circa 2006, supported coca industrialization
  • Roberto Laserna, economist at the Fundación Milenio in La Paz. In 2011, published a book, "The failure of prohibition". FM's reports regularly discuss coca.
  • Mama Coca - (France) - human rights group advocating legal coca use
  • Ethan Nadelman, founder of Drug Policy Alliance (which advocates for marijuana legalization), who now wants to legalize more drugs, which could include opening the door to coca leaf use
  • David Nutt, UK doctor studying beneficial uses of controlled substances such as marijuana, could find uses of coca leaf - fired from government in 2009 arguing alcohol and tobacco are more harmful than marijuana
  • Alejandro Ordóñez, chief public prosecutor in Colombia, in 2012 called for a referendum to legalize some drug consumption
  • Sophia Ostler, U.K. economist, wrote September 2013 report for UK parliament advocating the legalization of coca use
  • Sean Penn, Hollywood actor and social activist
  • Otto Perez Molina, president of Guatemala - in 2014, proposed not only legalizing marijuana and opium for medical use, but also creating a new agricultural industry growing poppies and marijuana - same arguments apply to coca leaf
  • Sven Pfeiffer, legal adviser, UNODC, wrote 2013 article: Rights of indigenous peoples and the international drug control regime: the case of traditional coca leaf chewing
  • Juan Manuel Santos, president, Colombia - in 2014, stated that war on drugs is a failure, that marijuana should be legalized, and is considering FARC's request to industrialize coca leaf
  • Federico Tovoli, Italian photographer living in Lima with excellent series of photographs of coca leaves from cultivation, thru harvesting, preparation, market sales, and use in Bolivia
  • John Walsh, Senior Associate for Drug Policy and the Andes, Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA)


Coca Tea, Beverage and Other Products

Click here for a map: Pacific Alliance, ALBA and Mercosur countries, initial markets for coca products.


  • Agroindustrias Ecocaranavi, Cochabamba, manufacturers of coca tea (note: web site no longer exists, contact
  • Bolivian Spirits, manufacturers of coca liquors and brandies
  • CartonBol - Cartones de Bolivia, manufacturers of cardboard boxes, maybe using coca plant fibre
  • Coca Wasi, Coroico, coca plantation opened to tourists
  • Ebococa, Cochabamba (, manufacturers of coca products: liquor, tea, cheese, soda, skin cream, puddings
  • IngaCoca, manufacturers of coca herbal tonics, creams, shampoos
  • INPROAL, La Paz (, manufacturers of Lupi brand of coca teas
  • La Coca Restuarant, La Paz (Calle R. Gutierrez 482), menu includes pastas and pizzas made with coca flour, and coca ice cream
  • Windsor, La Paz, division of Hansa Ltda., manufacturers teas, including a line of coca teas


Latin America

United States and Canada


  • Coca House, France, importers of coca leaf for pharmaceutical industry, also has a web site - Pemtrack
  • Frenet Branca, Italy, produces herbal liquor - rumored to have a bit of coca leaf
  • New World Products, Ireland, manufactures Kaptive coca leaf and green tea drink
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