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Historically, few products have been patented making use of coca leaf. As entrepreneurs in the Andean countries innovate and create new products to take coca leaf into global markets, they will need patents to protect the profits in these new markets. Below is listed the few patents on coca products, to learn how such patents are structured. Most patents filed in countries such as Bolivia are filed by foreigners, emphasizing the need for more inventing and patenting by their citizens.

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  • Candy cigarette capable of relieving a craving for tobacco
    CN 101317619 (candy made from nicotine, caffeine, coca extracts)
  • Composition and method to augment and sustain neurotransmitter production
    US 20070160650 (also as 7595067, 7585523, 7582315)
  • Method of preparation of lemon-oil coca leaf extract based alcohol drink
  • Procedimiento para la fabricación de una bebida de extracto de hoja de coca con aceite de limón y producto obtenido
  • Method of extracting flavour from plants to produce a flavored drink
    FR2671459 (1992)
  • Method of preparing a coca leaf flavor extract
    US 4956429 (1990)
  • Appetite-supressing anorexic material extracted from coca leaves
    US 4696819 (1987)
  • Method of extracting alkaloidal constituents from plant materials
    GB 902763 (1962)
  • Detoxifying alkaloid containing compounds using electron beams
    GB 66156 (1951)
  • Process for preparing coca extracts
    US 1235450 (1917)
  • Preparation of extract of coca
    US 339,262 (1886)



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