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Coca: health and diet

Coca - a breakthrough in health and diet

Coca's unscientific association with cocaine has deprived the world's people of many yet-to-be invented medical and dietary uses of the non-addictive, nutritive extracts of the coca leaf.

Coca: science

The Coca Leaf: Science, Patents, Industrialization

An introduction to the science and patenting of coca and other nutraceuticals, and the many opportunities for inventing with these products.


Institute Members and their Research Efforts

In the autumn of 2023, we will launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise at least $250,000 to fund the first round of research projects amongst members of the IICC. These initial research projects, listed by host organization. Click here for: IICC Research Proposals

         IICC - experimental farm for coca leaf varieties, Valle de Cauca
         IICC - experimental farm for coca leaf varieties, NariƱo
         Universities - Food/beverage product engineering using the coca leaf
         Universities - pilot plant for alkaloid-free coca leaf extracts
         Universities - pilot plant for coca leaf beverages
         IICC/Cali - new legal tactics for industrializing the coca leaf
         IICC/Cali - seeking U.S. F.D.A. GRAS status for the full coca leaf
         IICC/Cali - preparing plans to launch a "Banco de Coca y Cacao"
         IICC/Lima - preparing plans to launch a "Museo de Coca" in Lima

A lengthy proposal for short- and long-term research goals for the IICC is available in Spanish at: Mejorando la saulud y la paz de Colombia mediante la agroindustrialización de la hoja de coca para los mercados mundiales - una propuesta para un centro de investigación sobre la ciencia y la economia legal de la hoja de coca


Making Cola Sodas and Chocolate Taste Better with Less Sugar - KukaXoco is a startup based in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica and California/Oregon that made the initial discoveries of industrial uses of coca leaf extract in foods and beverages. These discoveries are the foundation for an entirely new, legal, industry for coca leaf products. This Web site was originally developed by the founder of KukaXoco, Greg Aharonian, and now has been transferred to the Institutes.

A database of news on coca and nutraceuticals, and a database on coca organizations/products/books from around the world.

Quinoa, coca leaf - and much more - the Andes and Amazonian are an incredible source of renewable plants that can serve as nutraceuticals - foods that are also medicinal.

Explore the hypocrisy of a global ban on coca leaf products, which are neither addictive nor destructive of health, as opposed to non-banned sugar and nicotine, the world's two most addictive and destructive drugs.